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Our Story

Have you ever wanted to get fit, but couldn’t find activewear that fit and began to wonder if the fit scene is even where you fit?

Don’t sweat it. We have too – and that’s why we’re here.

Phit Clothing Founder and Creative Visionary Officer Phillip White struggled with his size most of his life. As he entered his thirties, he noticed the stress from his day job negatively impacting his weight and decided to embark on a fitness journey toward better health.

Phillip White, Founder, Phit Clothing Activewear for Men

He joined a program where he could work out at different boutique fitness studios in the Uptown Dallas area and soon noticed the women in his classes rocking some great-looking activewear.

He began searching for brands that offered fashion-forward activewear for men, but came up, well, small. Because that was the problem! None of these brands offered stylish options in his size.

He left the stores frustrated and discouraged – until inspiration struck early one morning  at 3 a.m. and, with a dream, Phit Clothing was born.

At Phit Clothing, our mission is to make men feel confident and look good no matter where they are on their fitness journey.

Our stylish, size-inclusive activewear is for the active lifestyle and everything in between. No matter your size, shape, color or activity, you phit right in!

So whether it be to the coffee shop, gym or even Australia, with Phit Clothing, you can enjoy the journey.